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Adventist News Network│2013 weekly videos

ANN│ The official news service of the Seventh-day Adventist world church.

► December 27
This week on ANN: This week on ANN: holiday greetings from our regular contributors, a behind-the-scenes look at ANN, and connecting a global community that shares what one of our anchors calls “the same language of faith.” ... read more│ANN

The Adventist News Network is the official news agency of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It was founded in 1994. It is part of the General Conference, and also has regional offices worldwide.

► December 20
This week on ANN: support for a Muslim woman in a workplace religious freedom case, marking one year of evangelism in New York City, and an Adventist family is determined to find Teleka Patrick (#FindTeleka), who went missing earlier this month ... read more│ANN

► December 13
This week on ANN: emembering the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, the first Adventist college established outside of North America celebrates a milestone, and changing lives, one gift at a time ... read more│ANN

► December 6
This week on ANN: encouragement for Adventists imprisoned on false charges, fighting heart disease in Albania, and the Adventist Church in Cyprus celebrates one hundred years ... read more│ANN

 November 29
This week on ANN: ... read more│ANN

► November 22
This week on ANN: Adventist Church headquarters contributes to ongoing relief efforts in the Philippines, church researchers discuss troubling trends in membership retention, and Adventist Church President Ted Wilson calls for greater involvement ... read more│ANN

► November 15
This week on ANN: rebuilding lives in the wake a devastating typhoon, an Adventist community in Kenya rallies around its long-distance runners, and a new church for a displaced congregation in Angola ... read more│ANN

► November 8
This week on ANN: supporting small farmers in Zimbabwe, a London art exhibit brings new meaning to biblical prophecy and Adventist health advocates in the Philippines find a new audience among aspiring chefs ... read more│ANN

► November 1
This week on ANN: education for Syrian refugee children, a renewed emphasis on urban outreach, and lay members support evangelism in Angola ... read more│ANN

► October 25
This week on ANN: assessing needs in the wake of a devastating earthquake in the Philippines, new insights into the beliefs and attitudes of Adventists worldwide, and an opportunity to reflect on God’s creative power ... read more│ANN

► October 18
This week on ANN: Adventist world church President calls on members to demonstrate consistent faith, burgeoning church growth in Africa, Latin America and Asia, and the church’s top financial officer makes the case for more funding for outreach by young people ... read more│ANN

► October 11
This week on ANN: relief efforts in the wake of flooding in Latin America and Southeast Asia, small group ministry finds traction in Angola, and a leadership training seminar kicks of the church’s Annual Council business meetings ... read more│ANN

► October 4
This week on ANN: fighting the stigma of HIV/AIDS in Africa, a medical charity in Australia returns to its roots and students in Brazil campaign for safer streets ... read more│ANN

► September 27
This week on ANN: Adventists in Kenya stand with their community in the wake of a terror attack, raising awareness of childhood obesity, and a new project recognizes blinded veterans ... read more│ANN

► September 20
This week on ANN: Urban evangelism in Angola, an Adventist hospital in Germany offers hope to victims of FGM, and recognizing church growth in Nepal ... read more│ANN

► September 13
This week on ANN: New Episode -; This week in Adventist history - Looking back at September 11, 2001; Ted Wilson - Gift of the Comforter; Maranatha - Featuring Ella Simmons; 150 Year Anniversary of the Adventist Church ... read more│ANN

► September 6
This week on ANN: Inspiring a new generation of missionaries in Asia-Pacific, Adventists in South America rally against domestic abuse, and upgrades to a radio studio in Guam help spread the Adventist message of hope ... read more│ANN

► August 30
This week on ANN: A show of support for religious tolerance and respect in Egypt, relief efforts in the wake of major flooding in the Philippines, and helping needy families prepare their children for a new school year ... read more│ANN

► August 23
This week on ANN: A show of support for religious tolerance and respect in Egypt, relief efforts in the wake of major flooding in the Philippines, and helping needy families prepare their children for a new school year ... read more│ANN

► August 16
This week on ANN: Adventist women in Rwanda impact their communities, medical outreach in India changes lives, and the first Adventist game app is a hit ... read more│ANN

► August 9
This week on ANN: practicing hands-on Christianity in Serbia, a new television series brings the book of Revelation to modern audiences, and two Adventist publishing houses in North America will not move forward with a previously proposed merger ... read more│ANN

► August 2
This week on ANN: building momentum to release an Adventist pastor imprisoned in Togo, another step toward finding consensus on women’s ordination, and young Adventists from Europe impact a Serbian community ... read more│ANN

► July 26
This week on ANN: progress on an Adventist theology of ordination, a young Adventist man in Pakistan faces life in prison after a wrongful conviction, and an Adventist church in Ghana adopts an underprivileged community ... read more│ANN

► July 19
This week on ANN: a youth conference brings a global faith community to South Africa, recognition for Pathfinder ministry in Brazil, and Adventists in Jamaica address growing concerns over air pollution in the country ... read more│ANN

► July 12
This week on ANN: Impact South Africa puts faith in action, a search for deeper spirituality leads to outreach at a public university, and a new guide for faith leaders keeps freedom of belief in the public eye  ... read more│ANN

► July 5
This week on ANN: Music and worship mark a month of evangelism in New York City, healthy living resonates with London’s hearing impaired community, and the first Kyrgyzstani Adventist minister is ordained.  ... read more│ANN

► June 28
This week on ANN: relief efforts follow an unprecedented monsoon season in India, changes on the horizon for Adventist publishing work in North America, and what happens when thousands of young people join together for community service? ... read more│ANN

► June 21
This week on ANN: Caring for our world from a Biblical perspective, Ted Wilson: Take the Gift, 150 Year Anniversary ... read more│ANN

► June 14
This week on ANN: the New York thirteen initiative kicks off its headlining event. Local residents in Harlem travel around the world through an international vegetarian cooking class, and what a U.S.-funded study had to say about Adventist health principles ... read more│ANN

► June 7
This week on ANN: legal support for Adventist students facing Saturday exams in Kenya, a partnership in Portugal benefits needy communities, and Adventists in North America help lift the stigma surrounding mental illness ... read more│ANN

► May 31
This week on ANN: A religious liberty festival in Brazil keeps freedom of belief in the public eye, a groundswell of support for humanitarian work in Myanmar, and an advocate for the disabled community makes history in Jamaica ... read more│ANN

► May 24
This week on ANN: humanitarian relief in the wake of deadly tornados in the U.S., technologists pledge greater integration of online evangelism and outreach, and the search continues for an Adventist doctor missing in Ukraine ... read more│ANN

► May 17
This week on ANN: A new report calls attention to religious liberty trouble spots, the church in Denmark votes to suspend all ministerial ordination until two thousand fifteen, and Adventist volunteers in Ecuador break the country’s record for blood donations ... read more│ANN

► May 10
This week on ANN: Changes are in store for Adventist media ministries based in North America, promoting a message of hope and healing in Europe, and music ministry in Brazil ... read more│ANN

► May 3
This week on ANN: Adventists respond after a factory collapse in Bangladesh, ministering to homeless communities in Puerto Rico and Ukraine, and bolstering freedom of belief in Romania ... read more│ANN

► April 26
This week on ANN: Canada’s new ambassador of religious freedom headlines a prominent event in Washington, D.C., rescue efforts continue in the wake of a powerful earthquake in China, and former Adventist Church President Jan Paulsen reflects on dozens of televised conversations with young people ... read more│ANN

► April 19
This week on ANN: Highlights from the annual Spring Meeting, an inside look at Adventist history, and church members in Brazil promote religious freedom ... read more│ANN

► April 12
This week on ANN: Adventist media professionals celebrate films as tools for outreach, promoting healthy living in Brazil, and Adventist television expands in Costa Rica ... read more│ANN

► April 5
This week on ANN: advocating for peace in the Central African Republic, a record-breaking show of support for religious liberty in Mexico, and Adventist young people spread a message of compassion ... read more│ANN

► March 29
This week on ANN: Adventists in Hungary celebrate one hundred years of ministry, a youth conference raises awareness of diversity, and what stewardship means outside of the offering plate  ... read more│ANN

► March 22
This week on ANN: An Adventist pastor remains in prison, one year after his arbitrary detainment, a community center is a testament to a growing Adventist university in Lebanon, and millions of young people worldwide join in a sermon, but not the kind you might hear in church ... read more│ANN

► March 15

► In Pakistan, mob burns homes in anti-Christian violence

Residents of a Christian community in eastern Pakistan, among them Seventh-day Adventists, are reeling after a mob torched their homes and businesses in response to alleged insults against Muhammad. [...] Church property and the homes of Adventist members, however, sustained “tremendous damage,” church leaders said. The rented home of local Adventist Pastor Afzal Bhatti and his family was destroyed along with the homes and belongings of at least 40 Adventist families.

Songbooks, Bibles and sound equipment at the local Adventist church were burned, but the building itself only withstood minor water damage as firefighters worked to control nearby blazes, an Adventist survey team reported. 

At least 170 homes and businesses were torched, according to Associated Press reports ... read more│ANN

► March 8

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The Adventist News Network is the official news agency of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It was founded in 1994. It is part of the General Conference, and also has regional offices worldwide.

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