Monday, February 18, 2013

A Meteor Hits Earth!

Adventist Report share some links to articles we recommend reading:

Russian meteorite crash: LIVE UPDATESRT Russia Today

Meteor shows why it is crucial to keep an eye on the skyCNN

Doomsday: The Pope quits, a meteor hits… Is it the End of the World?VOXXI

Space Rock or Last Pope? What's Next for DoomsdayLive Science

 'Largest since Tunguska': Chelyabinsk meteorite may take second place for size in over a centuryRT

 NASA estimates 4,700 'potentially hazardous' asteroidsCNN

Asteroid Hits Earth! How the Doomsday Scenario Would Play OutTime

Russian meteorite blast explained: Fireball explosion, not meteor showerRT

 What if an asteroid were really headed our way?US Today

The Storm of Space Rocks: Nothing to Worry About—For NowTimes

Smaller Space Rocks Sneak In and Blow UpScience 2.0

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