Sunday, February 9, 2014

Envision│digital magazine

Lifestyle magazine produced entirely by Andrews University students.

Issue #5


Envision is Andrews University's Department of Communication award-winning magazine. The Christian collegiate lifestyle publication is produced entirely by students, and since our spring 2010 debut, has showcased the pool of emerging student talent on our campus.

We believe that producing a magazine entirely by students allows a unique insight into the publication industry as well as valuable experience, whether it's in design, photography, art, modeling, journalism, or business. This is a place for all students to express their creativity, no matter what their majors or interests are.

While our publication brings attention to our students' God-given talents, we take particular pride in our Christian mission. Christians are called by God to envision. We look back and envision Creation; we look back and envision the Cross. We look at the present world and envision our role in it. We look forward and upward and envision the 2nd Coming of Christ and the establishment of the Earth made new. We constantly envision. These areas preoccupy the fixed gaze of Envision magazine.

Scripture underscores the crucial importance of "envisioning" for God's youth (see Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17). As a magazine uniquely positioned to be "of, by, and for" God's young people we try to call attention to issues and matters of relevance ... more

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  1. As a graduate of Yeshiva University with numerous degrees I appeal to its alumni to help raise funds for this great intuition. In the 80’s I raised over 1 and half million dollars. Yeshiva University is my second home and it is a place of great Torah learning. I for one have read too many articles from the JEWISH Forward trying to destroy this institution. What is the agenda? President Richard Joel is not superman and doing everything he can to save the University.

    Alumni Of yeshiva University "Speak out Now" RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG