Saturday, May 3, 2014

Doug Batchelor Sermons

• 666 and the Mark of the Beast
Scripture: Revelation 13:15-18│Published: Apr 23, 2014
The Bible contains many apocalyptic prophecies, but none so terrifying as the mark of the beast. What is this mark? How can you avoid getting it? Knowing the answers can mean the difference between life and death!  ... more

• Adultery, Loyalty and Love
Scripture: Exodus 20:14, Matthew 19:9, Proverbs 6:32Published: 02.09.2014
God's church should be a light and show the world what holiness looks like, and that means in our lives and in our homes and in our marriages ... more

• How Perfect Should a Christian Be?
Scripture: Matthew 5:48Romans 3:23Job 5:7Published: 05.19.2012
When we think about perfection and Christianity there are a lot of misconceptions. While some Scriptures indicate we are to be perfect, there are many other passages that show how we are all corrupt. Imperfect Bible characters were called perfect. Are we expected to be perfect? ... more

Seventh-day Adventist: Cult or Christian?

Date: 06.07.2003
Are Seventh-day Adventists Christians or are they a cult? It's important to look at the foundational teachings of a church and not be side-tracked on a few people or offshoots. Many members don't even know what their church teaches. This sermon covers the baptismal vows of Seventh-day Adventists. ... more

• Doomsday Myth, Pagan Prophecies, and Armageddon.
Whether you've seen Hollywood's latest disaster movie, flipped through the Discovery Channel, or scanned the supermarket tabloids, you know the rampant hype about the last days of earth's history is everywhere. But is any of it true ... or is it all just myth? ... ► more

Speaker: Doug Batchelor (1957-is an evangelist of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and author of several books including The Richest Caveman. His primary ministry is Amazing Facts - a worldwide television and radio broadcast ministry based in Sacramento, California. He also pastors the Sacramento Central Seventh-day Adventist Church. Batchelor is the son of the Florida aviation tycoon and philanthropist George Batchelor and the Hollywood film critic, actress and songwriter Ruth Batchelor. He spent his youth searching for the purpose of life, and, while living in a cave in southern California, he found a Bible that ultimately changed his life ... more

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