Thursday, June 20, 2013

The NSA Has Always Been Spying on You. By Andy Cush

(Animal New YorkOn June 5, The Guardian published a report based on a leak from former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, detailing how the NSA surveils U.S. phone calls, collecting and analyzing cell phone metadata from Verizon. The following day, the Washington Post revealed PRISM, a program that allowed the NSA to monitor electronic communications like emails, photos, and chat messages from the customers of virtually every major computer and internet company. We’ve been here before.

The scope and the depth of the NSA’s monitoring of domestic communications is worrying, but for anyone that’s been following the agency, it shouldn’t be surprising. Using the New York Timesarticle archive, which contains digital copies of every article published by that paper since 1851, we’ve put together a story about how each aspect of the current scandal–the surveillance of U.S. citizens, the compliance of tech companies, the demonization of leakers–is part of a pattern that’s been repeating for decades, a pattern that couldn’t even be halted by federal legislation specifically designed to stop it ... ► Read teh entire article by Andy Cash in ANIMAL New York

Author: Andy Cush, writer and editor interested in covering music, politics, culture, and emerging technologies. As a staff writer at ANIMAL New York, He report and blog on New York City-centric news. Previously, He covered music apps and technology at ... more

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