Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mark Finley Sermons

• How God Takes Ordinary People and does Extraordinary Things 

• Prayer Makes A Difference

• How Near is the End?

Speaker: Mark A. Finley (USA, 1945─) a native of Connecticut, USA, an internationally known evangelist, was a vice president at the General Conference from 2005-2010.
Former host and director of It Is Written (from 1991–2004), for which he traveled around the world as a televangelist, and spoke on the weekly television show It Is Written. He was the first Seventh-day Adventist pastor to do a satellite evangelistic series. He also served as one vice-president out of nine for the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and has written over 71 published booksAfter retiring from full-time employment, he became an assistant to the president of the General Conference to work part-time with the Revival and Reformation initiative.
Pastor Finley and his wife, Ernestine, have three children and two grandchildren ... more


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