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Adventist News Network│2014 weekly videos

ANN│ The official news service of the Seventh-day Adventist world church.

• August 16│This week on ANN: Adventist Church President releases statement on persecution of religious minorities in Iraq and Syria … Adventist Health Ministries Director recommends restricted travel to and from West Africa due to the Ebola virus outbreak … and a Chief Information Officer is selected for the World Headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church  ... read more│ANN

The Adventist News Network is the official news agency of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It was founded in 1994. It is part of the General Conference, and also has regional offices worldwide.

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• July 18│This week on ANN: highlights from the Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle in Geneva Switzerland … the launch of a new program to help people quit smoking … and the largest donation to Adventist Health Care for an historic campaign ... read more│ANN

• July 4│This week on ANN: Adventist Church’s General Conference Session starts one year from today; Adventist Church 'encouraged' by Supreme Court’s ‘Hobby Lobby’ decision; Adventists urged to pray for peace in Ukraine ... read more│ANN

• June 28│This week on ANN: Adventist humanitarians join a worldwide movement to highlight the needs of refugees… Adventist leaders help organize a religious liberty panel discussion at the United Nations … and how you can participate in the upcoming Sabbath of Prayer and Fasting ... read more│ANN

• June 20│This week on ANN ... read more│ANN

• June 13│This week on ANN ... read more│ANN

• June 6│This week on ANN ... read more│ANN

• May 30│This week on ANN: Adventist volunteers continue providing aid to residents affected by severe flooding in central and southern Europe … the Adventist Church joins an International Organization discouraging the use of tobacco … and the Adventist Church launches a united prayer campaign for the abducted school girls in Nigeria ... read more│ANN

• May 23│This week on ANN: Mission to urban areas continues with major outreach in Manila;  Flooding in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia destroys four Adventist churches; In Inter-America, Adventist leaders vow to promote more religious freedom ... read more│ANN

• May 16│This week on ANN: Religious freedom implications of a recent United States Supreme Court decision … The Adventist churches president makes an unprecedented visit to Vietnam and continues his travels in South East Asia to the Philippines … Adventist university students in Mexico are selected to participate in a national film festival ... read more│ANN

• May 9│This week on ANN: Adventist religious liberty officials honor advocates who speak out against religious intolerance… Adventist leaders learn how to end abuse in their communities through a training summit… and in Dublin Ireland, Adventist youth give their communities an extra dose of smiles, prayers and hugs ... read more│ANN

• May 2│This week on ANN: two Adventist publishing houses in the, Adventist youth in Jamaica take up a charge to fight crime in their country, and the Adventist deaf community in Europe encourage each other in an international conference ... read more│ANN

• April 25│This week on ANN: thousands join the Adventist church in Mexico; Communicators in Cuba help strengthen the Adventist church in their country; Adventists in Portugal unite to spread the gospel through literature evangelism ... read more│ANN

• April 18│This week on ANN: Adventist leadership votes to suspend The Record Keeper web series, and agrees to discuss the possibility of new creative outreach projects - an upcoming training program designed to help church employees respond to victims of abuse - a five month search for a missing doctor in the US comes to a tragic end  ... read more│ANN

• April 11│This week on ANN: new details emerge in the ongoing investigation of a cyber attack that defrauded the Adventist Church during a money transfer, relief efforts in the wake of a major earthquake in Chile, and church leaders announce a record-breaking offering to benefit evangelism in Europe  ... read more│ANN

• April 4│This week on ANN: Adventist humanitarians join in a call to end violence in Syria, Portuguese and Spanish versions of “The Creation” movie premiere in South America, and a food distribution project supports underprivileged families in Italy. ... read more│ANN

• March 28│This week on ANN: Sexuality summit concluded with call for consistency, caring; Top Adventist health leader calls for compassion, regardless of cause ... read more│ANN

• March 21│This week on ANN ... read more│ANN

• March 14│This week on ANN: a call for reconciliation amid religious extremism in Nigeria, a literacy program brings new opportunities to women in Rwanda, and hundreds of thousand of Adventist young people gear up for Global Youth Day ... read more│ANN

• March 7│This week on ANN: united prayer uplifts Adventist Ukrainians during a political crisis, Haiti’s first religious liberty festival draws thousands to Port-au-Prince, and major expansion projects for a hospital in Puerto Rico and a university in England ... read more│ANN

• February 28│This week on ANN: a new campus for the Adventist Church’s college in Fiji, public health outreach at the Sochi Olympics, and Adventist humanitarians in Zimbabwe help evacuate flooded communities ... read more│ANN

• February 21│This week on ANN: Adventist world church President Ted Wilson offers prayer and spiritual counsel to national leaders in Papua New Guinea, a call for tech innovation at this year’s GAiN conference, and the family of an Adventist doctor who went missing in Ukraine plan a service to celebrate his life ... read more│ANN

• February 14│This week on ANN: working to end domestic violence in Romania, why a proposal for work-life balance could backfire on religious minorities, and urban outreach in Italy meets practical needs ... read more│ANN

• February 7│This week on ANN: advocating for the end of a cultural practice that scars millions of young girls, Adventist churches serve as literacy centers in El Salvador, and remembering the first female seminary professor ... read more│ANN

• January 31│This week on ANN: Brazil’s biggest Adventist gathering brings thirty-five thousand young people to Sao Paulo, another Adventist is the victim of sectarian violence in Central African Republic, and Adventist humanitarians fight chronic malnutrition in rural Zimbabwe ... read more│ANN

• January 24│This week on ANN: a call for peace amid civil unrest in Ukraine, final recommendations to the Theology of Ordination Study Committee, and the president of Lebanon says Middle East University is helping meet the country’s education goals ... read more│ANN

• January 17│This week on ANN: freedom for an Adventist pastor who spent almost two years in prison, a refuge for vulnerable community members in London, and a leading think tank on religious liberty explores freedom of belief in an increasingly diverse society ... read more│ANN

• January 10│This week on ANN: one of the fastest-growing Christian denominations in the world hits a new milestone, a new satellite contract brings Adventist television to the Middle East and Adventist President Ted Wilson urges young people to demonstrate genuine Christianity ... read more│ANN

• January 3

 Adventist News Network 2012│all weekly videos

The Adventist News Network is the official news agency of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It was founded in 1994. It is part of the General Conference, and also has regional offices worldwide.

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