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Finding Teleka Patrick│body was found four months after she went missing

The body that was found in an Indiana lake Sunday has been identified as Teleka Patrick, the Kalamazoo doctor who had been missing since December .... more
update in progress│last update 04.15.2014
Parents think that Teleka Patrick was murdered, funeral services announced. "Her parents feel something else happened to their daughter. 'We don't believe a person who got two doctorates, in a functioning manner, could walk into a lake and kill themselves,' said Mattahais and Irene Patrick. 'I personally believe someone killed her.' WWMT 3│April 14

Patrick Family will do “What’s Necessary to Bring Justice for Teleka.” "The Patrick’s say they want a “true investigation” and that what they’ve heard is far from the truth. They say they’re not going to settle for that. 'We have to do what’s necessary to bring justice for Teleka,' Irene said." Fox 17│April 13

Second autopsy of Teleka Patrick confirms death by drowning, private investigator says. MLive│April 13

Teleka Patrick's family not satisfied with police investigation. WIN 98.5│April 12

Teleka Patrick case: 6 things we know and 4 questions still unanswered. "Exactly four months ago to the day after issuing its first press release about a missing-person investigation for Dr. Teleka Patrick, the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office declared the case closed Wednesday, with the discovery of Patrick's body in northern Indiana.
It now appears the 30-year-old Kalamazoo medical resident accidentally drowned in a pond a few hundred feet from where her car was found abandoned, Sheriff Richard Fuller said at a Wednesday morning press conference.
'This investigation is closed,' Fuller said. 'It's as solved as it's going to get.'
It is a tragic end to an investigation that has drawn international attention ... Wednesday's press conference cleared up some of the mysteries in the case, but left other questions still unanswered ..." MLive│April 10

“'Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.' Lamentations 3:22-23
Over the past several months, you have gotten to know Teleka Cassandra Patrick. You’ve gotten to know her how we knew her and you’ve seen her bright and caring smile. She was beautiful, intelligent, and God-fearing. You’ve prayed for Teleka, cried for Teleka, and worked to find Teleka and we thank you. We thank you for walking this difficult journey with our family.
Teleka’s death is not the ending we had hoped for, however, the journey does not end here.
As we mourn Teleka, we must also honor her; honor the life she led, honor her kind spirit and honor her devotion to God and others. Teleka had a passion and zest for life and no matter the circumstances that led up to her death, we are certain that she would not have taken her own life. Many questions remain, but what is certain is that we will love her forever and her legacy will continue to live on in the love we show to others.
Thank you for your prayers. Please respect our privacy in this difficult time." The Patrick Family ... "Find Teleka" Facebook│April 9

• Body found in Ind. lake that of Teleka Patrick. WOOD 8 │April 9

Teleka Patrick's body found in Indiana, authorities confirm. "While the autopsy was able to confirm identity, investigation continues to determine the cause of death," the press release said. "Pending toxicology results may provide additional information as to the cause of death." MLive│April 9

Missing Michigan doctor likely drowned, autopsy shows. USAToday│April 9

Cops: Body of missing Michigan doctor found in Indiana lake. Crimesider CBS News│April 9

Indiana State Police: Body Identified As Teleka Patrick. "During a press conference in Kalamazoo, Sheriff Richard Fuller said there were no signs of trauma. A set of keys was found in the clothing on the body, and the only damage to her clothes were easily caused by walking through the foliage between the car and the lake. The car and the place where her body was found 'were not very far apart.' Patrick’s wallet with identification and credit cards was found in the car, but the keys were gone."  Fox17│April 9

Sheriff identifies body found in Indiana lake as Michigan doctor Teleka Patrick. 
ABC7 WXYZ Detroit│April 9

Coroner: Body found in Indiana IS missing Michigan doctor who was accused of stalking gospel singer. Dailymail│April 9

Autopsy on body found in Indiana underway, Teleka Patrick's family could learn body's identity today. "Carlin says it’s hard to imagine how Dr. Patrick would get over a barbed wire fence and through 150 yards of dense brush and mud to the lake in the dark.  'Even with the winter, if you went over that fence you’re going to tear some fabric on your jacket or your clothes. That fence was clean,' said Carlin. 'If you thought you were in water or mud, you’re at least going to turn around and go in the other direction.'" ABC7 WXYZ Detroit│April 8

Body pulled from Indiana lake believed to be missing Michigan doctor Teleka Patrick. NY Daily News│April 8

Teleka Patrick search hindered by brutal winter. "Assuming that the body is that of Patrick, Matyas said that Fuller will offer some theories about what happened.
Fuller previously said he thought it was most likely that Patrick hitched a ride along the interstate and left the area that night, based on the fact that a bloodhound tracked her scent from the car's location to the edge of the highway.

While the pond is only a few hundred feet from where Patrick's car was found, Fuller had said earlier it seemed unlikely that she went in that direction. That's because a four-foot fence topped with barbed wire -- designed to keep deer and other wildlife from running onto I-94 -- separates the highway from the pond and surrounding area.

'It would take a distinct effort to go in that direction,' toward the water, Matyas said. 'You can't just walk from the car into the lake.'" MLive│April 8

Kalamazoo City Commissioner Stephanie Moore offers condolences to Teleka Patrick's family. MLive│April 7

• Family: ‘Body may be Teleka Patrick’. WOOD 8April 6

The body of missing Kalamazoo doctor Teleka Patrick may have been located in a lake in northern Indiana. "Police have not yet officially identified the body pulled Sunday morning from Lake Charles near the town of Porter, according to a release from the Indiana Sate Police. However, Patrick’s mother told 24 Hour News 8 over the phone on Sunday afternoon that it was Patrick’s body.
After Patrick’s mother’s call, another family member called back and said they were waiting for confirmation of the body’s identity, which they had not yet received. They then sent this statement:
'Our family was informed that a body was found that may be our daughter Teleka Patrick. We are waiting for official confirmation from the Kalamazoo Sheriff’s Department and have no comment at this time. Thank you for your continued prayers-we ask that you respect our privacy at this difficult time.'
Chuck Harris, the Porter County coroner, told 24 Hour News 8 Sunday that no positive identity had been made on the body, which he confirmed was that of an African-American female.
Harris said he’s not certain how long the body has been in the lake. Due to its decomposition, he said, fingerprints or dental records will have to be used to confirm an identity. He said there were not any obvious signs of trauma to the body." Fox17│April 6

Body discovered in Indiana lake believed to be Teleka Patrick, private investigator says. "The body discovered early Sunday by a fisherman in an Indiana Lake is believed to be missing Kalamazoo Dr. Teleka Patrick, says Jim Carlin, a private investigator hired by her family to assist in the search." MLiveApril 6

Body Found Floating in Indiana Lake Linked to Missing Michigan Doctor. ABC News│April 6

• Search continues for Teleka Patrick, four months after going missing. "Carlin says he too found nothing. That leads him to believe Patrick was picked up by another motorist. 'She did not go over the fence,' he says. 'If a person was running, imagined or in reality, hiding from someone, if they would go over the fence, they might hunker down somewhere. You know the thought could be, she froze to death somewhere in that general area. But the coverage I've seen, and the police, they've dismissed that idea. But I actually think it is good news to know that she is not there.' Carlin says police are now looking at alternatives, including the possibility Patrick was the passenger in the car, and not the driver." WWMT 3│April 5

• Four Months Missing: New Ground Search for Teleka Patrick. "Four months to the day of her disappearance, new searches across state lines are leading to more dead ends ... Private investigator Jim Carlin led a search of the area of I-94 near Porter, Indiana - where Teleka’s gold Lexus was originally found – for nearly four straight days. No clues were found, further convincing Carlin that Teleka was picked up by someone near the area.  Grand Rapids-based pastor and gospel singer Marvin Sapp continues to be a focal point for Carlin, but not for detectives." Fox17April 5

On Dec. 5, Teleka Patrick's gold 1997 Lexus ran off westbound I-94 and into the ditch near mile marker 23, just east of the Porter/Burns Harbor U.S. 20 exit in Indiana. Mark Bugnaski | MLive.com

New Teleka Patrick search in Indiana turns up no clues, Kalamazoo detective says. "'We’re talking miles worth of ground that we covered,' Detective Sgt. William Sparrow, of the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office, said of the search in Porter, Ind. ... 'There was nothing found,' Sparrow said. 'It’s a continuation of the investigation.'" MLiveApril 1

Over 2 dozen Kalamazoo deputies search for Teleka Patrick in Indiana. WWMT 13│April 1

Ground search for Dr. Teleka Patrick finds nothing. WIN 98.5│April 1

Teleka Patrick search near Porter, Ind. WOOD 8│April 1

New Search in Indiana for Missing Kalamazoo Doctor. Fox17│April 1

Investigators search in Indiana Tuesday for Teleka Patrick. WZZM│April 1

Marvin Sapp not a suspect in Teleka Patrick disappearance. "Jim Carlin, the Patrick family private investigator, s│ays he does not believe Sapp or any of his associates harmed Teleka Patrick. However he says her family and members of Sapp's own church are unhappy with how little effort he has shown in efforts to find the missing woman." WZZN 13│March 12

Marvin Sapp is Not a Suspect in Teleka Patrick Case; But Rumors Goes Viral. "... users on Facebook and Twitter were saying that Sapp was a “suspect” in her disappearance, citing no sources. The messages appear to just to a viral rumor." Epoch Times│March 11

Investigator: Marvin Sapp’s bodyguards seen near missing doctor’s apartment. "Teleka had told her mother that Marvin Sapp’s body guards were seen walking around her apartment complex.  'She also told her mom, and Mrs. Patrick talks about this often, if anything happens to me you got to look at that church,' Carlin told WWMT. 'It’s pretty profound.'" WIN 98.5│March 10

Teleka Patrick. Snopes│March 10

Where is Dr. Teleka Patrick? Unraveling the strange story of missing Michigan woman. "Despite the dead ends, incredibly, there is hope. 'Do you believe she's still alive,' asked Catallo.  'Yes,' said Carlin. He believes someone picked up Dr. Patrick on the side of I-94.  'Maybe somebody stopped right away. She told them that she was running from somebody, people want to help others ...'" RTV6 ABC│March 9

Where is Dr. Teleka Patrick? Unraveling the strange story of missing Michigan woman. "A beautiful and bright young doctor suddenly vanishes from Michigan. She's been missing for three months, and her disappearance has made headlines around the country ... They are all searching for any clues. 'It's just as if she vaporized,'" WXYZ 7 Detroit│March 5

3 months later, new developments in Teleka Patrick disappearance. "What's also odd, says Carlin, is several phone calls he's received from people in the U.K. and Jamaica, claiming that God sent them a message about Teleka's whereabouts, all of them pointing back to Sapp's church. 'The one lady said I don't know if it's a residential number, a highway number, a locker number. I keep seeing this number 1250,' said Carlin. And Carlin reveals two suspicious phone calls were also made to Teleka's mother, possibly from Teleka herself. 'She said it sounded like a person trying to say something, as if they wanted to start a sentence of some sort, it was vague and then they hung up,' said Carlin." WWMT 3│March 5

────► 3 months Finding Teleka Patrick ◄────

Missing in West Michigan: The Search for Dr. Teleka Patrick. "On Dec. 4, Teleka called a man named James Davis, a friend in St. Louis, Mo., who told detectives she was distraught.  Davis told police that Patrick asked him to come to Kalamazoo because she feared for her life, worried someone connected to gospel singer Marvin Sapp was after her ..." Fox 17│Feb 24

Close friend of Teleka Patrick, among last to talk to her, says she feared for her life. "James A. Davis says he was one of the last people to talk to Teleka Patrick before she disappeared on Dec. 5. [...] 'She called me at night time and she said she was very scared,' he said in a telephone interview from St. Louis, Mo., where he lives. 'She said that she was scared that she was going to be killed ... I’ve never heard her like this in my life' ..." MLive│Feb 24

Search Warrant Examined In Teleka Patrick Case. Fox 17│Feb 18

Teleka Patrick search: Missing Kalamazoo doctor's trail goes cold in small Indiana crossroads town. "On any given day, this is a place easily overlooked on a drive on I-94, an unremarkable crossroads in northwestern Indiana bounded by gas stations and truck stops, car dealerships and fireworks stores. But for those who knew Teleka Patrick, or have taken an interest in the mystery surrounding her disappearance, Exit 22 in Porter, Ind., holds significance. It is where the trail ends in the search for the promising Kalamazoo doctor — missing now for 10 weeks." MLive│Feb 15

In search for Teleka Patrick, sergeant says Indiana State Police have 'done all we can do'. “At this point, we're stagnant. We have no leads,” Detective Sgt. Rick Strong said.  MLive│Feb 15

• Interview with Teleka Patrick's brother. Black & Missing Foundation, Inc.Feb 6

Teleka Patrick's story highlights a parent's fears -- and hope (column). MLive│Feb 11

Police say missing doctor Teleka Patrick wasn't at Walmart. "The Kalamazoo County sheriff’s office released a brief statement Friday, saying the woman wasn’t Teleka Patrick."  Detroit Free PressFeb 8

Teleka Patrick case: Woman spotted at Walmart wasn't Patrick, police say. "... earlier this week police have received, at most, 10 tips about possible sightings of Patrick since December. None of them have panned out." MLive│Feb 7

Detectives: Possible Sighting of Teleka Patrick Proven False. Fox 17│Feb 7

I-Team: Searching for Teleka. "A private investigator hired by Patrick's family says two employees at a Wal-Mart in Battle Creek think they may have seen here there around 9:00 p.m. on Saturday night. The Kalamazoo County Sheriff says the odds of it being her are slim, but detectives are reviewing surveillance video."  WWMT 3│Feb 5

────►  2 months Finding Teleka Patrick  ◄────

Teleka Patrick's ex-husband, private investigator fear foul play or abduction. "A private investigator working for the family of missing Kalamazoo medical resident Teleka Patrick said he feels “foul play” is involved in her disappearance. Her ex-husband, meanwhile, said he worries Patrick, who he believes suffers from mental illness, was abducted or got into someone’s vehicle." Detroit Free Press│Feb 4

Teleka Patrick case: Super Bowl fundraiser to be held for missing doctor. Examiner│Feb 1

Authorities search Lake Charles (1) near Porter, Ind and where Patrick’s car was located (2) in connection to the Teleka Patrick case. (Courtesy Indiana State Police - Jan. 23, 2014)

Indiana lake search in Teleka Patrick case. "... Lake Charles is very near where Patrick’s car was located. The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department assisted because it has a 'specialized team' that has 'advanced and sophisticated sonar equipment' that was able to search the frozen lake, ISP said. Fifty-five holes were drilled into the ice in a grid pattern and sonar devices were placed in them. They fed back data to a computer that created at detailed map of the lake. The search didn’t reveal anything connected to Patrick’s disappearance ..." WOOD 8│Jan 29

Indiana State Police Search Lake as Part of Teleka Patrick Investigation. Fox 17│Jan 29

Teleka Patrick case: Frozen lake searched in quest to find missing doctor. Examiner│Jan 29

NW Ind. lake search linked to SW Mich. doc's disappearance. "Unfortunately, the sonar did not detect any evidence or clues that would assist in the investigation ..." WSBT 22│Jan 29

• Ind. lake search for missing doctor turns up nothing. "Several police agencies searched Lake Charles in northwest Indiana last week for clues in the case of a missing Michigan doctor. Police said the search did not yield any results." ABC 7 ChicagoJan 29

Teleka Patrick case presents challenges for journalists (column). "The story of Teleka Patrick, the bright, young medical resident from Kalamazoo who has gone missing, has been a challenging one journalistically."  MLive│Jan 26

Teleka Patrick case focus of radio interview with Kalamazoo Gazette reporter. MLiveTricia's True Crime RadioJan 25

In Teleka Patrick case, mental-health complexities put in spotlight. ".. the sheriff and Detective Sgt. William Sparrow, the lead investigator in the case, noted Patrick has experienced delusions and was acting 'strangely,' 'confused' and 'erratic' just before she went missing. Patrick's mental state is 'the big factor' in her disappearance, Sparrow said."  MLiveJan 25

◄ Letter to Teleka Patrick From Marvin Sapp. (Click on image to enlarge to read the full letter from Sapp’s church to Patrick) Fox 17│Jan 24

Teleka Patrick's family releases desperate plea. "Around 10:00 Wednesday night Teleka Patrick's family released this statement, saying quote -- 'We are past the point of desperation. We are running on fumes and running out of time. Like everyone, we have drowned in the speculation of where she could be and who might have her.' The family goes on to say, 'We thank and encourage the hordes of online support and aid that we have received. Please don't give up.'"  WWMT-TV Newschannel 3│Jan 23

Teleka Patrick's mother says she's thankful focus is being put back on finding missing Kalamazoo doctor. "... Carlin questioned why sheriff’s investigators would rule out Sapp having any role in Patrick's disappearance. He said her parents are aware of an incident referred during which Patrick she said she was concerned about people from Sapp’s church “at or near her home” at Gull Run Apartments.  Carlin also said he found the contention that Sapp and Patrick never interacted 'ludicrous' and that as a member of Sapp’s church, Patrick was involved in a work program there and had to fill out paperwork to join the church.  'I've got to believe that in all the time she was interacting in the church ... for Mr. Sapp to never, ever have any contact with her is ludicrous,' Carlin said."  MLive│Jan 23

Teleka Patrick’s Mother Shares Thoughts, Concerns Following Press Conference. “I think personally that there is some protectionism going on here. The initial story, we were told that Teleka went to the hotel with the intention of finding a room or getting a room. And today they said that she didn’t have any intention of doing that. You know, I can’t understand the story."  “I can’t understand it. The story changes, and I’m concerned about that." said Irene Patrick. Fox 17│Jan 23

Sapp to Teleka Patrick: Find new church. "Teleka Patrick was kicked out of the church pastored by Marvin Sapp — who she is accused of stalking — three months before she disappeared, a letter obtained by 24 Hour News 8 shows." WOODTV8│Jan 22

 Sheriff: Doctor ‘erratic’ before disappearance. The Washington Post & AP│Jan 22

New information in Teleka Patrick case. "The sheriff also discussed the obstacles his department had faced in investigating her disappearance, including the fact that Patrick left her phone at work before she went missing, was relatively new to the Kalamazoo area and didn’t have an established social circle, and her bank and social media accounts showed no recent activity." WOODTV8│Jan 22

• Teleka Patrick case: 8 things we learned from the sheriff's press conference. "Wednesday, the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office held a press conference to provide the public with some answers, while acknowledging they still have no clue about Patrick's whereabouts." MLive│Jan 22

• Doctor's odd acts before disappearance. CNN│Jan 22

Sheriff Answers Dozens of Questions About Teleka Patrick, But One Remains: Where is She?  Fox 17│Jan 22VIDEO

Cops: Missing doctor accused of stalking pastor has disappeared before. Detroit Free Press│Jan 22VIDEO

Sheriff: Detectives in Teleka Patrick case have few clues 7 weeks after Kalamazoo doctor disappeared. "'We constantly are in hope that if there are persons out there who know where she’s at that they contact the sheriff’s office and help us and the family put some of this to rest,' Fuller said. '... What happened after her car went off the road, we do not know and it’s anyone’s guess at this point.'" MLive│Jan 22

No Good Leads In Teleka Patrick Case. "Several unanswered questions were cleared up by the news conference. A mystery phone call Patrick received while she was with others turned out to be a call from a relative and not connected to her disappearance." Fox 17│Jan 22

Michigan Police Update Timeline on Missing Doctor. Crimesider • CBS News│Jan 22

Teleka Patrick's behavior described as erratic, strange the night she disappeared, sheriff says. "Fuller said Wednesday that Patrick’s co-worker and an employee at the Radisson on Dec. 5 told police Patrick’s behavior was 'erratic' and 'strange' to the point that the Radisson employee 'asked her if she was OK.'"  MLive│Jan 22

Sheriff: Doctor behaved erratically before disappearance. USA Today│Jan 22  NBC Chicago│Jan 22

Teleka Patrick's disappearance had no connection to Marvin Sapp, Kalamazoo investigators say. MLive│Jan 22

Teleka Patrick press conference. WOODTV8│Jan 22 • MLive│Jan 22

Teleka Patrick Case: Questions Linger Regarding News Conference Specifics. "'We would like to know what they’re going to say that we don’t already know,' Mattahais Patrick, Teleka’s father, told FOX 17 by phone." Fox 17│Jan 22

Missing Michigan Doctor May Have Been Obsessed With Famous Singer. ABC│Jan 20

Teleka Patrick case has amateur sleuths taking lead role in public disclosures. "By time the media reported some of the most shocking developments in the Teleka Patrick disappearance case -- the online videos, her apparent obsession with Grand Rapids minister Marvin Sapp, the deleted Twitter posts -- it was old news to people such as Brooke Pearson in Virginia and Diahanna Kinley in Ohio. They are among amateur detectives from across the country who have delved into the Patrick case on websleuths.com, a online forum to discuss missing-person cases and brainstorm about clues to finding the victims." MLive│Jan 17

Teleka Patrick's siblings knew she moved to Kalamazoo to be closer to Marvin Sapp, tweets show. "Patrick's siblings, Eddie and Tenesha Patrick, promised at the time to say nothing and gave her a late 2013 deadline for revealing to their parents why she chose Kalamazoo as the place to begin her medical residency ..." MLive│Jan 16

Learning more about pastor who accused missing doctor of stalking. WWMT-TV Newschannel 3│Jan 15

Family of Teleka Patrick issues statement via Facebook. Search for missing doctor enters sixth week. "Teleka's family also posted a statement on Facebook Monday. It says, 'we miss her and worry about her safety every minute of every day. 'She is our little girl and no matter what, we will continue to love her unconditionally and search for her without ceasing,' it continues." WWMT-TV Newschannel 3│Jan 14

Teleka Patrick Update: Twitter Posts Provide Insight into ‘One Big Psychotic Break’. "On the same day a judge signed an order for Dr. Teleka Patrick to stay away from a Grand Rapids minister, the Kalamazoo medical resident tweeted worries she was experiencing 'one big psychotic break.'" Eurweb│Jan 13

Teleka Patrick's Twitter posts reflect hopes, dreams amid worries of 'one big psychotic break'. "'My mind totally broke down and melted,' Patrick, 30, wrote about her doubts. 'And started telling me it's all a lie, it's voices, and I'm crazy. That's why I stopped coming to where you work. Because I was so scared it was all a lie. And I was very confused. ... I really thought this whole situation was in my mind. Like the entire thing -- feeling kisses and pleasure, the revelation from God about you, coming here for a job. 'Like I thought everything was a one big psychotic break and I had lost 7 months of life in a psychotic state. I started freaking out," she wrote." MLive│Jan 12

As a mysterious side of Teleka Patrick comes to light, the question remains: Where is she? "'She’s not just intelligent, she’s brilliant,' said Daisy De Leon, a professor and Patrick’s mentor at Loma Linda University in California, where Patrick graduated last year with her medical degree and doctorate." MLive│Jan 12

Teleka Patrick case: More questions raised in mysterious disappearance of doctor. Examiner│ Jan 12

Teleka Patrick Case: Private Investigator Looking into ‘Interesting’ Tip, More. "Jim Carlin, a private investigator and former police officer, said he received a new, ‘interesting’ tip regarding Teleka Patrick’s disappearance. That tip came in on Thursday.  Also, FOX 17 found an online dating profile of Teleka Patrick. It was apparently made while Patrick was living in California." Fox 17│Jan 10VIDEO

─ Interview with Private Eye Looking For Doctor Teleka Patrick. Video Unedited 1Video Unedited 2Video Unedited 3Video Unedited 4.

• No progress in search for missing Michigan woman. Post Tribune│Jan 10

Teleka Patrick case: Marvin Sapp called out stalker believed to be Patrick at church service. "She had gone to his Grand Rapids church in hopes of hearing well-known pastor and gospel artist Marvin Sapppreach and sing. Instead, she sat in puzzlement as Sapp talked angrily about a woman who the night before had gone into his home uninvited and spoke to his three children.  'He was just really upset,' said the woman, who spoke to the Kalamazoo Gazette on the condition she not be identified.' ... He asked, ‘How did you even know where I lived? Did you follow me?' ..." MLive│Jan 9

Investigators still hunting for missing Kalamazoo doctor. "'We had some good information over the weekend that she might have been seen in Colorado Springs…but that tip did not pan out, there were several more this morning I'm following up on.'  Carlin says he is looking at every possible scenario and starting tomorrow plans to check into whether Patrick may have checked herself into a hospital and privacy law would not allow the hospital to reveal that." WWMT-TV Newschannel 3│Jan 8│VIDEO

• Missing Doctor Teleka Patrick Stalked Singer Marvin Sapp: Are Reports Of Mental Health Issues Impacting The Search? Medical Daily│Jan 9│VIDEO

Private investigator talks about missing doctor case. "Carlin was recently hired by the family to look into the case. Just one of the many theories he's looking into is that she checked into a hospital for treatment. 'With privacy rules for mental health, that would not be disclosed if she checked-in under a different name, they would have to honor that.'" WZZM 13 • ABC│Jan 8

Missing Doctor: Questions Raised About Teleka Patrick's Mental Health. People│Jan 8

Private investigator says he believes Teleka Patrick is 'absolutely' alive and is positive she'll be found. "One possibility that Carlin said he is investigating is whether Patrick, after getting out of her car in Indiana, later checked herself into a hospital where she asked that her identity be kept a secret. Such a request, Carlin said, would have to be honored by the facility given federal privacy laws." MLive│Jan 8

Police Wrapping Up Investigation Into Young Doctor’s Disappearance. "Authorities say they soon will release details of their investigation into the disappearance of a Michigan doctor. Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Pali Matyas told the Kalamazoo Gazette Tuesday his agency plans to provide the information about Teleka Patrick 'in the next week and a half or two.'  He said 'the investigation is starting to wrap up.'" CBS Detroit│Jan 8

Teleka Patrick tweeted about 'demon,' frustrations with unrequited love just before disappearance. "Dr. Teleka Patrick wrote about being tortured by a 'demonic power' shortly before she deleted her Twitter posts and disappeared on Dec. 5, according to Twitter posts ... [...] 'I can't take much more of this,' Patrick appeared to write in a Dec. 4 Twitter post to an unnamed love interest. 'There are normal ways to contact people you know ... You reach me through a demonic power. That gives demons power over me and dilutes my spiritual authority. 'Because you are using a demon to contact me, when I turn my heart towards you, it passes through a demonic power. When I say I love you, I am also saying I love you to a demon because that is how you made me fall for you,' she posted as @PatientMunchkin." MLive│Jan 7

 Teleka Patrick tweets reveal deeply disturbed personality. By Chelsea Hoffman. All Voices│Jan 7

Teleka Patrick's mother assigned to her estate as search for missing Kalamazoo doctor continues. "Irene Patrick, 63, was appointed special conservator of Patrick’s estate Dec. 20 by Kalamazoo County Circuit Judge Curtis Bell."  MLive│Jan 7

Teleka Patrick case: Missing doctor story shouldn’t be overshadowed by stalking sensationalism. "The reporting on the tweets seem like a thinly veiled attempt to paint Dr. Patrick as mentally disturbed and even at worst perhaps partly to blame for this entire incident. It isn’t the norm that a missing black woman garners national headlines. The tragic trajectory of a doctor who mysteriously disappeared has piqued the media’s interest but their coverage of the incident has quickly shifted from concerned helpers to speculative meddlers." The Grio • MSNBC│Jan 7

Teleka's tweets talk 'underground' world. Tweets were deleted, uncovered on website. "Target 8 has uncovered thousands of tweets posted, it appears, by missing Kalamazoo doctor Teleka Patrick in the weeks leading up to her disappearance. Target 8 investigators found the messages through an archive website that saves deleted tweets." ... "In the tweets, the poster discusses going 'underground' with a love interest. 'I am excited to spend time with you because we can go underground together ...'" Target 8 • WOODTV8│Jan 6

Report: Tweets linked to Teleka Patrick found. MLive│Jan 6

FBI releases 'Missing Person' poster for Jamaican American doctor. Jamaica Observer│Jan 6

Teleka Patrick case draws nationwide media attention. "Media outlets from People magazine to USA Today to ABC News are reporting on the case of Teleka Patrick, the 30-year-old medical resident who disappeared Dec. 5 after working a shift at Borgess Medical Center." MLive│Jan 5

Teleka Patrick, Missing Doctor, Had Stalked Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp: Records. The Huffington Post│Jan 5

Missing Doc Teleka Patrick Stalked and Heard Voices. Gather│Jan 4

• Could Teleka Patrick’s Obsession With Famous Singer Have Played A Part In Her Disappearance? Inquisitr│Jan 4

• Missing Michigan Doctor May Have Been Obsessed With Famous Singer. New details reveal more about Teleka Patrick, who vanished from the hospital where she worked. ABC│Jan 4

• Teleka Patrick's ex-husband says Kalamazoo doctor's refusal to get mental help led to their divorce. "Shortly after they met in 2006, Dr. Teleka Patrick told her future husband of how 'A Beautiful Mind,' was her favorite flick. The movie, which starred Russell Crowe and won an Oscar for best picture, tells the story of renowned American mathematician John Nash and his struggles with mental illness. 'She said, "That’s my story,"' Ismael 'Smiley' Calderon recalled recently of Patrick, 30, his wife of six years." MLiveJan 4

• Teleka Patrick's ex-husband, private investigator fear foul play or abduction. "A private investigator working for the family of missing Kalamazoo medical resident Teleka Patrick said he feels “foul play” is involved in her disappearance."  Detroit Free Press│Jan 4

• Missing Michigan doctor accused of stalking gospel artist Marvin Sapp.  CNN│Jun 4

• Compilation & research: Taato│Ojo Adventista


  1. 01.06. The TWEETS shown tonight were tampered with and are not in its full entirety. We have copies of the full backlog and this Media source is making Teleka out to look like she has a mental illness… they forgot to mention that in the tweet she was referring to INVEGA not being as powerful as hoped IN PATIENT TREATMENT! don't believe a word of what you heard… lies and misconception.

  2. The Sheriff's Office on Tuesday refused comment on the case but said they would release the findings of their investigation into Patrick's disappearance later this month.

    Any thoughts on why they wont comment now but will the end of the month?
    Because they don't have much more than what we know. The only real things of importance would be doing computer forensics, finding physical evidence of her in IN somewhere, digesting the 400 pages of material sent to MS, evidence she has accessed monetary resources or set up new ones prior to disappearing, eyewitness reports of her in IN....etc. None of these things are things that LE normally trots right out to the public domain without following up upon first, usually in detail, which takes time.

    LE isn't generally in the practice of enlisting support from the public unless they are at an impasse and there is something new they can't link the public can. That doesn't seem to be the case here. She seems to have driven to IN and abandoned her car without planing to do so. Passing out flyers, getting the word out to LE/Shelters?hospitals is the SOP here, and then doing what has already been done via searches, dogs etc. The computer forensics at this point, based on what has been dug through on the massive amount of tweets, isn't revealing a ton that is material to finding her, likely more of the same for undiscovered tweets, and possibly emails from her aol hotmail etc accounts that may be more like the correspondence referenced in the PPO . The 400 pages likely isn't very different than the tweets other than they would be more directly addressed to MS and likely be of a more specific and personal nature, including things that would make a grown man who has been stalked before get a PPO because she rolled up in his kids.

    1. I have been wondering the same thing. How can they be specific about two weeks?

      I notice also that the "Find Teleka" Facebook page has not had a post by the family since January 4, which is about when the "2 weeks" announcement was made. Perhaps the family and LE know something and cannot divulge the info right now. If so, I am sure it is for a good reason.

  3. 0108. Private investigator says he believes Teleka Patrick is 'absolutely' alive and is positive she'll be found.

    Kinda makes you wonder...is the newly hired private detective saying that he believes she's still alive just to stay on the case? Maybe Clutterbuck was more realistic with his theories and the family didn't want to hear it. It sounds like they were in denial about a lot of what was going on in Teleka's life and still are ...

  4. I also think it's a bit naive to think that she could have checked herself into a hospital and managed to keep her identity a secret all this time. Certainly nurses, orderlies, nurses aides etc. would have blabbed by now, especially since they could make a couple of bucks by selling their story. This investigator really sounds like his head is in the clouds.

  5. Such a sad story of this woman missing. I highly doubt if she checked herself into a hospital. From her tweets, videos, and subsequent documents leaked or found by the press, unfortunately she sounds MI, acting MI, and stalked a famous musician. Most family's with a mentally ill family member rarely announce the illness to other family members, friends, acquaintances for fear of judgment.

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