Monday, January 13, 2014

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Dear sisters & brother in Christ:

I invite you to follow us daily on Adventist Report blog of which I am the blogger editor.

Adventist Report is an Adventist self-supporting ministry spreading the gospel to all world through the World Wide Web. Helping to affirm the Seventh-day Adventist beliefs, and also to understand the prophetic times in which we live.

Adventist Report is a different blog, with a unique style, with internal and external content. Featuring, connecting, and concentrating hundreds resources from different official and independent Seventh-day Adventist ministries:

  • Seventh-day Adventist News from all divisions of the worldwide SDA (Adventist News Network & Record-InFocus weekly videos; Global Religious mass media anytime updates; …).
  • "Seventh-day Adventist IN the News." References selection about the Seventh-day Adventists in the Anglophone Global Media.
  • Articles, reviews, editorials of the leading Adventists & Global Religious printed media.
  • Sermons. Videos and preaching’s transcriptions of the Adventist leading speakers (Wilson, Finley, Black, Batchelor, Goldstein, Asscherick, Pipps …).
  • Adventist Digital Magazines (Adventist World, Visitor, Outlook, Recorder, Envision, The Volunteer, Record, Gleaner, OCI R&N, …).
  • All Sabbath School Resources for the Sabbath School Bible Studies: free access to download all departments Lessons Editions, Digital SSCBS, Podcasts, App and additional comments. Highlighting SSCBS videos (Batchelor│Amazing Facts, Hart│SSC from Loma Linda U; Jennings│Come & Reason Ministries; Russell│Scriptural Pursuit from Andrews U; SS University│GC; and Morris│Hope SSS.).
  • Instantly updates from 176 blogs & websites (via RSS & Atom Feed Readers).
  • Twitter@AdventistReport
  • Facebook
In addition to the invitation, Adventist Report needs your immediate help. Only with your support will it continue to publish this blog!

I have spent much time and money on finding the best ways of spreading the gospel to all world through World Wide Web. Adventist Report is the continuation of other blogs, I've edited since 2005. Highlighting "Ojo Adventista" (Adventist Eye), a successful blog in Spanish, endorsed with millions of hits ... But in 2012, several factors (especially economic) led me to take the decision not to continue publishing, editing and/or advising this and other blogs and websites. But I decided to keep only Adventist Report ... a blog was just beginning and it was my first test of a blog entirely in English.

It's been a few months and by the grace of God, thousands of Adventist Report daily entries to confirm that it was a great decision. But there are several things I need to implement to meet the growing demands of our readers friends:
  • A parallel version in Spanish: Adventist Report in Spanish.
  • Implement various systematic Bible study.
  • A service for immediate answers to readers questions. (Extra: direct contact required by non-Adventist readers with churches, universities, clinics ... medical, Laymen and / or pastors closest to where they live.).
  • "Seventh-day Adventists in the World media". Daily updates on the webpage and weekly updates via email.
There is much work ahead. For several weeks, after fasting and prayer, I decided and started working full time in Adventist Report (between 50-80 hours per week). It is a momentous decision which also involves my wife and two sons. Only with faith "skipped vacuum" ... therefore Adventist Report has become a "Seventh-day Adventist self-supporting ministry."

To finance this ministry, I have rejected the option to sell advertising on the blog. First, it is not right to mix issues (especially with religious themes), with advertisements that usually has no connection and many times are stacked against that message. For example, using the support of Blogger & Google, you may only use the "AdSense banners," meaning that if a post mentions the word "adultery" or "sex" automatically a banner is generated with an opposite content to Adventist Christian profile that has Adventist Report. Also because they lose the attention of the message we have to give. And finally, because the pages full of banners and advertisements, readers do NOT LIKE.

Therefore, we need partners and sponsors who are monthly willing to economically and financially sustain Adventist Report to continue spreading the gospel to all world through the World Wide Web. And being able to get daily around the world, potential million people in need of God.

These days, a well-known former Adventist pastor, decided to be an ATHEIST for one year. Immediately through "GoFundMe" hundreds of donors have supported him in denying God, with donations already over $25,000.00 ... Perhaps you can donate to tell the world that God exists eternally, and also his Everlasting Gospel, that we are people of Faith with a Great Hope and that Jesus Christ is soon to come a second time? Yes, we can together! Please, help Adventist Report NOW!

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When you give to Adventist Report, you can be sure that we will powerfully proclaim to the world the everlasting gospel, leading people with faith to Jesus, establishing them in God's church, and discipline believers in the joy of following His Word — through such outreaches as world wide web, the internet, smartphones, and more. Thank you for your support and involvement in ministry together for Christ!

Your brother in Christ,

"Taato" Menesez-Filipov
Utah, USA

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