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Seventh-day Adventists in the News│January 2014

Adventist Report bring some of the references to the Seventh-day Adventists in the Anglophone World Media, during January 2014

• updated 01.31.2013│updates in progress •

Southern Adventist University on lockdown for 2 hours after threat. Times Free Press│Jan 23

Southern Adventist University Back to Normal. WDEF 12│Jan 23

• Southern on lockdown. Southern Accent • Southern Adventist UniversityJan 23

Southern Adventist University lockdown cleared, caused by 'credible threat'. "James Gaines has been detained at Collegedale Police Department whose "credible threat" against Southern Adventist University prompted a two-hour lockdown there." Times Free Press│Jan 23
Lockdown over at Southern Adventist University. KSDR 5│Jan 23

Police hold suspect after U.S. Adventist Campus was on lockdown. Lockdown lasted two hours following "perceived Threat" against University. ANN • Adventist News Network│Jan 23

Social Media Shows There is Prayerful Power in the Adventist Community. Storify by Elizabeth CampsJan 23

Suspect in Custody After Lockdown at Southern Adventist UniversityThe Other McCainJan 23

Lockdown over at Southern Adventist University. USA Today│Jan 23

Southern Adventist University locked down over reported threat. "Gaines was at Chattanooga State Community College when he reportedly made threats just after noon to use firearms and explosives on the university's campus, because he was upset about a delay in paperwork he wanted from the school, Collegedale police said." Times Free Press│Jan 23

One person in custody in connection with lockdown at Southern Adventist University. "Gaines allegedly made specific threats to use firearms and explosives at SAU." WRCB TV│Jan 23│VIDEOS

Bomb Threat, Lockdown: At Southern Adventist University, Stephen Meyer Has a Bit of Excitement. Evolution News│Jan 22

The Congressman Who Went Off the Grid. By Jason Koebler. The Seventh-day Adventist, Roscoe Bartlett spent 20 years on Capitol Hill. Now he lives in a remote cabin in the woods, prepping for doomsday. ► Read the full post in Adventist Report

He gave up God. What happened next? CNN│USA, Jan 8

• Seventh Day Adventist Pastor Decides to Tray Atheism for 12 Months, Get Fired from Jobs.  "In the past, at times like these, when his life foundered and frayed around the edges, Ryan Bell often prayed for help. But this year, at least, the pastor has resolved not to.
For the next 12 months, Bell says he will live as if there is no God.
He will not pray, go to church, read the Bible for inspiration, trust in divine providence or hope in things unseen. He’s taking the opposite of a leap of faith: a free fall into the depths of religious doubt.
Bell’s “intellectual experiment,” which began January 1, has already borne dramatic consequences.
In less than a week, he lost two jobs teaching at Christian schools near his home in Los Angeles. He’s 42 and has been a pastor or in seminary for most of his adult life. Now he faces the prospect of poverty and taking odd jobs to feed his two daughters, 10 and 13.
“There have been times, usually late at night and early in the morning, when I think: What have I done? It really undermines the whole structure of your life, your career, your family,” Bell said.
But just as the man of God began to despair, he found help from an unlikely source: atheists. By Daniel Burke, Belief Blog Co-editor. CNN│USA, Jan 8

The Problem With Trying On Atheism. Chistianity Today│USA, Jan 8

Trial Atheist Might Be A Simpleton. By Rod Dreher. The American Conservative│USA, Jan 8

Ryan Bell update: Pastor tries atheism, loses jobs, gains $19,000. ABC 15│USA, Jan 8

Former Christian Pastor becomes atheist in order to find God. Examiner│USA, Jan 7

Atheists Donate Thousands to Former Pastor, Ryan Bell, Who Lost Jobs for Trying Out Atheism for a Year. Christian Post│USA, Jan 7

Fired Pastor Ryan Bell Receives Staggering Donations From Atheist Community, Led By blogger Hemant Mehta. The Huffington PostUSA, Jan 7

Remember the Pastor Trying Out Atheism for a Year? He Just Got Fired by His Christian Employers. Let’s Help Him Out. By Hemant Mehta, Friendly Atheist blog editor. Patheos│USA, Jan 6

• Ryan Bell shucks Adventism for atheism. ADVindicate│USA, Jan 4

Seventh-day Adventist pastor plans to flirt with atheism for 12 months. RNS Religion News ServiceThe Washington PostUSA, Jan 3

Ex-Preacher Reveals Why He’s ‘Living for a Year Without God’. The Blaze│USA Jan 3

Faithful hold a special prayer session on January 4, 2014 at the spot where Mr Evans Orina, a pastor at Seventh Day Adventist Church in Kenlands, Nakuru, Kenya was burnt to death by a mob on suspicion of being a thief a week ago. Seventh Day Adventist Church leaders, on January 5, 2014, condemned the act during special prayers at the scene of the attack. Photo│Daily Nation                            

• Kenyan Adventist Pastor Lynched, Burned in Senseless Attack. Evans Orina Osugo, 60, had served area for decades. "According to Catherine Ontiti, communication director for the East Kenya Union, Osugo had gone to a local 'supermarket to buy some items and on his way out met with some people who operate transport people with motor bikes- here commonly known as boda boda. They started harassing him with some taking his groceries while others searched his pockets.'  Osugo 'happened to know one of them as one whom he usually hires too transport him and he asked him why he was part of the gang that was harassing him,' Ontiti said. However, that 'man started shouting that [the] pastor was a thief and had stolen a motorcycle. When [Osugo] sensed the danger, he decided to jump over a fence to the neighboring home; by that time the group dragged him to the road and lynched him.'" Adventist Review│Jan 7

Church condemns pastor’s lynching. "'It is very sad to learn that Pastor Osugo tried to plead for mercy as he confessed innocence... but his attackers went ahead to beat him to death,' Central Rift SDA conference president Reuben Korir said on Sunday during special prayers at the scene of the attack." Daily Nation│Kenya, Jan 5

SDA Pastor Burnt in a Mistaken Identity Case. "A pastor of SDA Kaptembwa church was burnt to death by rowdy youths who had mistaken him for a robber. The robber had allegedly robbed one of them of a boda boda but the youths found out they got the wrong person when it was too late." All AfricaThe Star│Kenya, Jan 4

This photo shows Teleka Patrick, 30, at the front desk of the Radisson Plaza Hotel & Suites on Dec. 5, 2013, the night she went missing. MLiveView full size

 Finding Teleka Patrick. The news reports in the investigation of the Teleka Patrick mysterious disappearance. A 30-year-old Adventist young medical resident, who disappeared Dec. 5 after working a shift at Borgess Medical Center, in Kalamazoo, MI ...

• Compilation & research: Taato│Ojo Adventista


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  1. About Southern Adventist University lockdown► THE FALSEST REPORT OF ALL
    By: David Cook | February 4, 2014

    The long arm of the law wants to lock Jimmy Gaines in jail. He'd become a felon, stuck behind bars for three years or longer.
    But Gaines doesn't seem like a criminal. He's more like your kid's favorite teacher, or the neighbor who checks on the widow down the street, or the guy who always opens the Bible study in prayer.
    Gaines, who looks like a young Jimmy Stewart, doesn't drink or cuss. He had just created an after-school program for inner-city youth. Until recently, the only thing on his record was a speeding ticket ("a 72 in a 55," he said).
    "I've never even been to the principal's office," he said.
    Yet 12 days ago, Gaines looked up from his job helping cancer patients to see police swarming all around him. They handcuffed him, searched his truck, and took him to jail, where FBI investigators questioned him and Hamilton County officers decided to throw the book at him.
    All because of something he said.
    "It was a joke," Gaines said.
    On Jan. 23, Gaines walked into the enrollment offices at Chattanooga State Community College. It was the last day to enroll for spring classes, and Gaines thought that his three-year quest to get back into college was finally over.
    In 2009, Gaines dropped out of Southern Adventist University, several courses shy of a degree. His father had just gotten lymphoma. Gaines, who grew up going to Adventist schools in Nashville, got a job and began saving for the day he could return to school and become the first son his parents had to graduate college.
    He became a personal trainer at a local YMCA, and works in a program there that helps cancer patients and survivors rehabilitate. He owed $8,000, and Southern wouldn't release his transcript for him to enroll at Chattanooga State until he'd paid his debt.
    So he saved and saved.
    "Our crazy Saturday nights are Netflix and candy," said his girlfriend.
    Finally, Gaines had saved enough to write his check, but the loan company hadn't yet processed it, which meant Southern hadn't released his transcript, which meant the day he walked into Chattanooga State to enroll, he was told he couldn't.
    So, a frustrated Gaines made a joke.
    "He said, 'I have done all that I can think to do except put a gun to their head'," director of enrollment services Kisha Caldwell told police.
    According to her affidavit, Gaines made that gun-to-the-head comment, then moments later, another: I'll try to pick up my transcript with a bomb on me.
    When he leaves, she calls police, who alert Southern, whose campus then goes on lockdown with SWAT teams everywhere.
    Yet Gaines remembers it differently. He said that in the joke he told, the imaginary, rhetorical gun was pointed at his head, not anyone else's. And that both jokes -- the gun-to-the-head and the bomb-on-the-back -- came out of his mouth at once, and that he -- not Caldwell -- was the first one to recognize their wrongness and apologize.
    Police tell him he's just scared a lot of people at Southern. Then, it hits him.
    "Search my truck," he told police. "Do whatever you need to do."
    At the Collegedale Police Department, Gaines said FBI investigators quickly understood this as a misunderstanding. Yet it was Hamilton County police that came back to Gaines -- who sat in jail for 15 hours, holding back tears as the inmates mocked him -- who then charged Gaines with making a false report ... more ► Http://